Store Policies

Please be certain of your purchase before you submit your credit card for payment. We do not provide refunds after you pay to attend a course or purchase any other of our products. Although we do not provide refunds, we do allow you to apply your credit to another seminar or webinar we conduct during the same calendar year.  Email or call (800) 784-1009 with any questions before making your purchase.

We send a certificate of participation to all those who register for and participate in our in-person seminars or in an original webinar presentation. These certificates may be used to meet the continuing education requirements to maintain our designations and many offered throughout the affordable housing industry. You will not receive a certificate of participation when you order a webinar On-Demand.

We record all of our webinars.  If you register for a live-event, you have access to its recording for the remainder of the calendar year.  You have access to stream the recording, but you are not able to download and save the recording.

We believe in protecting your privacy. We will not share or sell your contact information with anyone.

Please bring a calculator to class. We do not provide calculators for our students at our in-person seminars.

Please read our FAQs page for more information about our seminars and webinars.

If you are having trouble connecting to a webinar for which you registered, email Daisy or call (800) 784 – 1009.

Please let us know about any special needs we may be able to address for you in our seminars.

Email Liz @ or call (800) 784 – 1009.

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Email Daisy or Leo to discuss how we can be of help to you.

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