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We receive inquiries from our readers who have positions to fill in the affordable housing industry.  They want to know if we know anyone looking for a new job who has the skills they need to fill their job.  Sometimes we have someone to recommend but much of the time, we don’t.

Are you looking to fill a position in affordable housing?  If so, send us a job description and we will post it on this page for you.  Please include information on how interested parties should contact you and any application deadlines.  We will also circulate the information through our list service.

We post the information as we receive it by month.


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Posted July 2017

We have a client in need of a Relocation Coordinator.

  • The project is in beautiful Puerto Rico.
  • The work begins in October and will likely last a year.

Interested?  Email Daisy at

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Posted August 2017

Clinton Management in New York City is hiring a Director of Leasing and Compliance.  Clinton will hire a strong candidate with extensive background in LIHTC, tax-exempt bond, and HUD compliance.  If you are interested and believe you have what it takes, contact Anne Cooleen at (718) 281-2400 ext. 361 or  Email Daisy at if we can be of any help.

The National Housing Trust (NHT) is searching for a new Executive Director.  NHT seeks an Executive Director to provide vision, direction and leadership to an award-winning organization. The Executive Director holds responsibility for NHT’s big strategic bets and capital investments and serves as a key spokesperson and visionary for the organization.  You can download a profile of NHT with a description of the position at EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

Email Daisy with any questions or if we can post any positions for your organization.


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