Question One – Does the fee I pay when registering for an in-person seminar cover any of my travel costs?

Answer One – No. The fee you pay Liz Bramlet Consulting’s Training Center covers the registration fee for the course you have selected. It also covers the manual you receive as part of the training.  The fee does not cover any of the travel or lodging costs you may experience associated with attending the course.

Question Two – How long is the training day for an in-person seminar?

Answer Two – For most courses, training runs from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Registration begins at 8:30 AM and lunch is at 12:30 PM. These times will be stated in the course description.

Question Three – Will I receive my training manual before I attend my course?

Answer Three – You will receive your training manual at the registration table on the first day of your seminar.

Question Four – Do I need Internet service to participate in an in-person seminar?

Answer Four – No. In most cases, you will not need access to the Internet to participate in your course. If you do need Internet access, it will be stated on the registration confirmation you receive when you submit your credit card information for payment.

Question Five – Will I receive a certificate of participation when I register for a Liz Bramlet Consulting seminar or webinar?

Answer Five – Everyone who officially registers, pays for and actually attends/participates in one of our seminars or webinars receives a certificate of participation.  If, for example, you watch one of our webinars as part of a group but you did not register for the course, you will not receive a certificate.

Question Six – Do you record your webinars and, if yes, do participants have access to the recording.

Answer Six – Yes, we do record our webinars.  For those sessions we make available to the general public, paid registrants have access to the recording until the end of the current calendar year.

Question Seven – Can a company or association contract with Liz Bramlet Consulting to conduct a seminar or webinar on a specific topic for their employees or members?  If yes, how much does it cost?

Answer Seven – Yes.  We do many sessions for private companies and associations.  Our fee is based on the length of the course and how many people plan to participate in the training.

Question Eight – Do you record the webinars you conduct for companies and associations?

Answer Eight – Yes, we record all of our webinars.  A company or association has access to the recording for their webinar for 12 months.

Question Nine – What is the difference between your live webinars and those available On-Demand?

Answer Nine – Our webinars available On-Demand are recordings of our live webinars.  The price to stream a webinar On-Demand is discounted off the fee to register for the live event.  Unlike when you participate in a live webinar, you do not receive a certificate of participation for purchasing and streaming a webinar On-Demand.

Question Ten – Can I download and save a webinar available On-Demand?

Answer Ten – No. You have access to stream a webinar available On-Demand.  You do not have the ability to download and save it.

Question Eleven – What training materials do you provide for your webinars?

Answer Eleven – No later than the day prior to a webinar, you will receive an email with the information you need to access the training.  We attach to that email a PDF of the Power Point slide show that will guide the webinar.  Many people elect to print this ahead of time for use while taking notes.

Question Twelve – Do you ever provide training manuals for the participants of a webinar?

Answer Twelve – Yes.  We provide training manuals for many of the companies and associations who request private sessions for their employees and members.  It does add to the cost.

Question Thirteen – Do I need Internet access to participate in a live webinar?

Answer Thirteen – Not necessarily.  Most of our clients do connect to our live webinars through the Internet.  However, you have the option to participate in the training like you would a teleclass.  You can hear the audio and ask questions by connecting through the toll-free number we share with all the registrants and follow the content using the PDF of the Power Point slide show that guides the training.

Question Fourteen – I want to be certified in the LIHTC program.  How do I go about registering for an exam?

Answer Fourteen – Before registering for a certification exam, you must take the course that prepares you for testing.  When you complete the course, you will receive your certificate of participation along with the information you need to register to take the exam.  We offer our exams online and provide immediate feedback on your success in achieving your goals.

Question Fifteen – Is it possible to take a certification exam on paper instead of online?

Answer Fifteen – Yes.  Companies and associations who request private training sessions can opt to have us proctor an exam in-person while their employees or members take it on paper.

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