Affordable housing is more complex than ever before. Most properties require the use of low income housing tax credits plus several additional subsidies to be viable.

Having worked in the development and compliance components of many housing programs, Liz Bramlet consults with developers, syndicators, and property managers to create strategies that maximize the value of their credit allocation while successfully integrating their LIHTC requirements with those for the other programs that support their project.

Liz Bramlet is a nationally recognized expert in the field of affordable housing. She speaks regularly at conferences sponsored by the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA), and by individual state housing finance agencies to share her expertise in the LIHTC program and the other programs that support affordable housing today. Liz creates new training products, available through a variety of media, that serve the needs of today’s affordable housing industry.

Liz can work with your staff and with other consultants on your team to help you plan and operate a successful property.

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